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Palmela is a village that belongs to the District of Setubal, with 16.100 Inhabitants.

Palmela was conquer to the Muslims by Afonso Henriques, first King of Portugal in 1147, and until the 15 Century, had economic and political influence in the consolidation of the Portuguese.

Nowadays Palmela is part of the Wine Route/Blue Coast due to his heritage and gastronomy.

Are part of that heritage the Palmela Castle (XII Century), Santiago de Palmela Church (XV), Santa Maria Church (XII), São Pedro Church (XIV) and São João Baptista Chapel. In gastronomy, Palmela, is famous for the wine, cheese from Azeitão, Fogaças of Palmela (dry biscuit with fennel), Almond Biscuits, Meringue and Santiagos (cake with almonds and gila pumpkin).

One International Kart Track and several golf courses can be found in this region.