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Founded in 1990 by Eloi Couto a Portuguese real-estate entrepreneur, Amazónia Hotels Group offers a total of 712 beds spread over 4 hotels.


The Amazónia Lisboa Hotel was the first to open, in May 1990. His location and excellent service were the main factors for success.


Thrilled by the market acceptance, in 1994 was acquired the Lennox Country Club, now Amazónia Estoril Hotel. This unit was totally renovated and refurbished in 2009 strengthening his position in the areas of leisure and golf.


With the aim of having a diversify offer the Amazónia Hotels opens in 1997, the Amazónia Jamor Hotel. This 3rd unit is strategically oriented for business and sports, and quickly conquered a strong position in these markets, being for 5 years the home of the football Portuguese National Team, fact that allows it to be the top choice for teams of different sports and nationalities.  


The Amazónia Hotels keeps growing and in 2003 is the inauguration of the 4th hotel. Once again the desire to expand to new markets was the key factor to invest in Palmela. The Amazónia Palmela Apartamentos Turisticos offered to this region a modern and versatile 4 stars, increasing the presence of this group in the corporate market.


A guarantee of comfort, the Amazonia Hotels remains faithful to its tradition, distinguishing his guests with efficiency and sympathy.