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Amazónia Lisboa Hotel - GPS: 38N 43´23” 9W 9´19”

Located in the heart of Lisbon, near important landmarks such as, Marquês de Pombal Square, or the fashionable Avenida da Liberdade.

Amazónia Jamor Hotel - GPS: 38N 42´42” 9W 24´0”

Conveniently close to the National Stadium and just a few miles (4 Km) from the important business districts Lagoas Park, Tagus Park, and Quinta da Fonte.

Amazónia Estoril Hotel - GPS: 38N 42´12” 9W 23´11”

A short walk from Casino Estoril, Congress Center, Tamariz Beach and the railway station.

Amazónia Palmela Apartamentos
- GPS: 38N 35´15” 8W 55´3”

Opposite to A2 motorway (Lisbon-Algarve) and only two minutes away from the historical center of Palmela, and Industrial Park Auto-Europa