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Estoril is a village with 8,79 km2 (3,08 Sq mi) and 23.800 inhabitants, according with the 2001 census, and it is located approximately 20 Km from Lisbon.

A very efficient network of public transportations and motorways, the National Park of Sintra-Cascais, several golf courses, 4 and 5 stars hotels, the International Motor Track, the biggest Casino in Europe, and Cascais bay, make Estoril a first class leisure area.

The Casino Estoril, built in 1916 is the most prominent tourist attraction, and is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of people.

During the 2nd World War, due to the neutral status of Portugal, Estoril received quite a few refugees among them the most notorious were Juan de Borbón (Count of Barcelona), King Humberto II of Italy and King Carlos II of Romania.

Also during this period, Ian Flemming, as an officer from the British Naval Intelligence Division, visited several times the Casino Estoril, we used that experience as the basis for the novel that inspired the first James Bond movie, 007 – Casino Royale.

Nowadays Estoril hosts a number of cultural events such as Moto GP Championship Race, Estoril Music Festival, Estoril Jazz Festival and Estoril Film Festival.